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4 Star Hotel Near the Basilica Della Salute Venice

The strategic location of the 4 Star Hotel SHG Salute Palace, near the Basilica della Salute in Venice, makes one of the prime examples of Venetian baroque architecture easily accessible from the hotel.

This iconic church is just 230 metres from the front of the hotel and can be reached in 3 minutes on foot by walking along Fondamenta Fornace towards Rio Terrà dei Catecumeni and then along Fondamenta Salute.

Construction work on this impressive building began in 1631 under the auspices of Balldassare Longhena with clearly identifiable references to the Palladian style.


Staying at the 4 Star Hotel SHG Salute Palace, close to Venice’s Basilica della Salute, enables guests to visit one of the city’s most symbolic churches which was built in gratitude to the Madonna for liberating Venice from the plague.

The Basilica is accessed via an imposing flight of steps that rise up just a short distance from the water.  One of the church’s most notable features is the double dome: on top of the larger of the two, stands a statue of the Virgin with the staff of the “Capitana da Mar” which was designed with reference to the Crown of Thorns and the smaller dome which serves as an actual sanctuary.

The Hotel SHG Salute Palace, which is so close to the Fondamenta Salute and the Basilica della Salute in Venice, is the perfect spot from which to admire one of the city’s most beautiful buildings.

The exterior boasts a wealth of statues which decorate both the facade and the external sides of the church.  Above the tympanum you can see the Madonna & Child and on the sides, the Prophets who foretell the coming of the Messiah as well as other Marian figures from the Old Testament.


The church’s interior is both light and spacious and is distinguished by six side chapels with the minor rotunda serving as the sanctuary.  This is where you can see the image of the Madonna della Salute.

The high altar, which is both beautiful and majestic, displays the Virgin Mary with the Christ child in her arms on a bank of clouds in a marble sculpture by Le Court; an angel with a torch chases away the plague and there’s a richly adorned lady who is representative of the city of Venice.

In the centre of the altar you’ll see the image of the Madonna & Child known as the Mesopanditissa (the Mediator of Peace) which originated from the island of Crete and was brought to the city in 1670.

The Basilica is open all year round.  Access to the main rotunda is free whereas the smaller rotunda is reserved for private prayer and for liturgical celebrations.  The church’s opening times are:

Monday – Saturday: 9.30-12.00 and 15.00-17.30;

Sundays: 9.30-12.00 and 15.00-17.30.


Opening hours for visiting the sacristy are:

Monday – Saturday: 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00;

Sundays: 15.00-17.00


Stay in a 4 Star hotel near the Basilica della Salute in Venice, book at the SHG Salute Palace.

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